Around the Bay 2011 coming up

It’s that time of year again, Spring time and the weather is getting warmer, and the cyclists are getting out and about more than usual. I chose this year to enter the 210km event (M-Q-F-S-M) to raise the bar and see how I go, I was going to ride with my cousin, but he’s pulling out :D, so I’ll just be able to ride my own pace and try to tack onto other groups where I can. Training hasn’t been particularly great, I’ve been pretty lazy, only doing about 30-40km each weekend, on top of the 100-125km per week of commuting. There’s only three weeks to go, so I really have to step up a bit and put in some more punishing (at least longer) rides into my legs (and bum). I’m not sure but I don’t think my legs should be a problem, it’s more the amount of time in the saddle and in that cycling position that will take its toll, we’ll see. This year the plan is to eat early and often so that I don’t go dead like I did last year, I’ll probably take some breaks along the way too. It’s going to be a tough ride I think and hopefully the weather is a lot better this time around, last year we had everything, rain, wind, sun, clouds (well not everything, probably not hail), this year, I’m just hoping for a dry day so that I can ride the black bike around. Anyway, here’s me in the new jersey, it seems a bit more snug than last years even though it’s the same size, I might just get a large next time. Oh, and if you haven’t done so already, please sponsor me for the ride, all the money goes to the Smith Family charity I believe.

Around the Bay 2011 jersey

Around the Bay 2011 jersey



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