Dark Shadows

Yeah, I watch the Hunger Games a few weeks back but didn’t bother to review it (the only thing I have to say about it is, what the hell was with the funeral in the middle of the game? No one would think to kill her while she was crying about that?), any way, I saw Dark Shadows last week, and thought I better post something as I haven’t posted anything for a while.

Dark Shadows

It is based on a 1960’s soap opera starring Johnny Depp, Eva Green, and Helena Bonham-Carter (is there a film she doesn’t do with Johnny Depp?). The main theme being that Angelique (Eva Green) is a witch and spurned lover of Barnabus Collins (Johhny Depp), and so she takes her revenge on him by killing his loved ones and turning him into a vampire. The film had that weird and wacky and colourful Tim Burton/Johnny Depp look and feel about it. The film to me, didn’t have much that stood out and followed a pretty predictable story line. The standard line of jokes from Johnny Depp’s character were ok, but nothing spectacular, mostly what you’d expect from someone that had been trapped in a time warp for 200 years. The ending was bizaare to say the least, but with this kind of film, who knows where else they could have gone. We also had to sit really close to the screen which didn’t help, but the film was pretty stock standard in the end.

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