Photo Post for May

At least I think these photos were taken in or around May, didn’t really get up to too much over the past month other than a bit of a self-harm, and watching a lot of movies. The picture of my hand showing the stab wound caused by my own clumsiness, I was wiping down the bench top, and stupidly left one of the magimix blades in the drying rack (hanging over the edge of course), and pushed my hand right into it with quite a bit of force it seems. Anyway, I got three stitches which will hopefully come out this Sunday after two weeks, and I can resume normal activities.

Magimix stab wound

Magimix stab wound

The caterpillar photo was a stroke of luck as it must have fallen out of a tree and landed on our gate where it was easy pickings for me (first), then I’m sure for some bird afterwards. After that are a couple pictures of some pizzas I made, the bacon and egg one really came out funny, perfect for Valentine’s Day, the Salami one tasted better. I did learn that with our oven it is better to cook for a bit longer, and also to fry the bacon a bit before putting it in the oven, probably the egg too. The last two shots were taken up at Lake Eildon National Park where we did a nice three hour hike (could’ve been faster but you know me :D), that’s it for now, I just got back from Hobart, so will be posting some pictures from that trip soon too.

  • Caterpillar
    Bird food
  • Bacon and Egg Love Heart Pizza
    Home made Bacon and Egg Love Heart Pizza
  • Salami and Basil Pizza
    Home made Salami and Basil Pizza
  • The Mushroom family
    The Mushroom family - Lake Eildon
  • Estate Spur - Lake Eildon
    Estate Spur - Lake Eildon
  • Magimix stab wound
    Magimix stab wound


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