Lady Gaga – The Born This Way Ball

Yeah, so this post is an unusual one for me, not typically a musical person, and haven’t been to a real concert before (Queens of the Stone Age in a big pub type venue), I was gifted a ticket (by my girlfriend) to experience the Lady Gaga show. I’ve never listened to a Lady Gaga song before, I couldn’t name one song before we went, now I can name “Born This Way”, “Alejandro”, “Poker Face”, and “Black Judas/Jesus” (not sure about that one), I am a Lady Gaga completist now, it’s an amazing transformation. The start time was 7.30pm when this lady came out and started performing, she didn’t sing or dance (well, she kind of did), but they seemed to be taking the piss if you ask me, she pretty much stood around for thirty minutes seeing how many people would stay. I didn’t think that we arrived particularly early, around 5.30pm (gates opened at 6pm) and somehow managed to get into the queue for the Monster Pit, which I guess is for the hardcore fans. That was pretty cool since we were pretty close to the stage even if we had to deal with the Gaga fanatics (neither of us are big fans although Em seemed to know a lot more songs than she was letting on :D).

Lady Gaga Support Act

Lady Gaga Support Act

So it took a wjhile for the place to fill up, probably not until 8-8.30pm before the place actually looked pretty full (the seated ticket holders were late), Lady Gaga didn’t come out until 8.30pm so I guess they knew what they were doing. The first hour or so is dance music so you can get your heart rate up and jump up and down, then she slows down and sings a bunch of slower, less loud songs, which I guess you have to be a fan to enjoy. It was certainly entertaining and elaborate, the stage was a giant fold out castle very similar to how the old HeMan castle was (from my memory). The stage consisted of the castle, a bit more area for dancing, and then a walkway that went around the monster pit (the close in area for hardcore fans) separating us from the poor late comers that had to dance further from the stage. You can see in the “horse” picture how close we were to the walkway that she danced and pranced down (a lot!), and we weren’t even in a crowded section, we just wanted to get away from the crush of the hardcore fans. The Monster Pit was about two-thirds full which meant there was plenty of room to breathe and dance. And finally, a brief video mash I made of the evening (thanks to Em for the videos!).

Heman Castle
  • Lady Gaga Support Act
    Lady Gaga Support Act
  • Claw in the Monster Pit
    Claw in the Monster Pit
  • Lady Gaga on a "Horse" on the walkway
    Lady Gaga on a "Horse" on the walkway
  • Lady Gaga birth
    Lady Gaga birth
  • Crazy Effects
    Crazy Effects



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