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Just a couple of food photos today, I was going to make this a cookbook review post, but decided that because we strayed a bit from the original recipes, and also they’re from different books, I would just give them a quick mention more than anything. The first picture is the fried rice my lovely Em made for us, it was super yummy containing all the essential ingredients (rice, peas, prawns, egg, Chinese sausage, with some extras like corn and carrot), of course the meat in this dish (apart from the Chinese sausage) was some cooked pork, this pork was not bbq pork (char siu) as would normally be the case but some leftover five spice pork chops that we had (following the recipe from Andrea Nguyen’s Into the Vietnamese Kitchen, I didn’t season it enough and also it didn’t have enough time to marinate) so we’ll leave that for another day. I like fried rice done properly, and Em did a great job.Fried Rice

Salt and Pepper Tofu

Salt and Pepper Tofu

The second dish is salt and pepper tofu from Secrets of the Red Lantern (Luke and Pauline Nguyen), we don’t have a deep fryer so we had to make do with what we have and just do a normal fry on both sides of the tofu rather than deep frying. It turned out pretty well (especially after my first attempt in which I totally burnt the tofu trying to shallow fry it crispy) but I have to question the amount of salt they call for in the recipe, as we only used half of the seasoning and it was about right for a similar amount of tofu, although I thought ours was slightly under seasoned. Any way, I hope to post the recipes in the future along with more in-depth reviews as long as we follow them more closely (although it’s hard because we don’t always have all the exact ingredients) and I remember to take photos. That’s it for now, will have some more photos in the next few days before we head over to Japan for a couple weeks next week, should be lots of photos of food then :D.


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