Back from Japan

Bleh, just got back last Sunday and we’re already missing it, the udon noodles, the cute and weird and crazy and funny Japanese, all the other yummy food, the toilets, the showers, the everything-is-so-neat and tidy gardens, the millions of slightly different options for everything. Oh well, it had to end some time, now we just have to work out how we can get back there and see more of this beautiful country. I’ll be updating the site with plenty of pictures and more stuff about the trip, what we saw, what we didn’t see (and wished we did), what we ate (hehe), but for now I’ll just leave you with a quick shot of Shibuya Crossing (not the full tide of people version, just one with some Japanese ladies :D), this one doesn’t have so few people because it was raining just because the lights had already changed red.

Japanese Ladies at Shibuya Crossing

Japanese Ladies at Shibuya Crossing


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