Silver Linings Playbook

Gosh, I’ve been lazy and holding this one off for a week and a half now, anyway, here it is, another rom-com for review, well, I can’t actually remember the last one I reviewed (it certainly wasn’t Crazy Stupid Love which I don’t think I will ever get around to reviewing, it’s been sitting in the draft box for about a year now or however long it’s been out), but this one had a mental illness theme to it which almost pushes it up into the drama genre. Pat has just been released from a mental illness hospital (suffering from bipolar disorder) and is heading back to his parents place for more rehabilitation. So the story goes, he is trying to get himself back in shape and healthy again so that his wife will take him back.

Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook

After he gets back, his friend tries to set him up with his sister-in-law Tiffany (whose husband has died recently), and this is how the movie goes, the two of them are caught in several situations mostly from Tiffany’s making as she is clearly the one trying to catch the fish, meanwhile all Pat can talk about is how he will get back together with his wife, totally ignoring the clear and obvious choice/option right in front of him (as all romantic comedies tend to go). Along the way there are some jokes, some tears, some laughs, and lots of love, so it sounds like your typical rom-com, pretty much, but this one does have a bit more substance and if you’re a guy, there are much worse ones you can get dragged along to (and Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscar for her role, so there’s that). Of course it’s not too much to say that the obvious happens in the end and they get together (it is a romantic comedy after all you can’t have one without the other) and everyone lets out a loud Awwwww, and it’s smiles all round. Chris Tucker plays a nice cameo too, he is much fatter in this role than what you may remember from Rush Hour :D.

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Next up, I’ll be posting some pictures from Vietnam, it will be another month or so before I even start on those for flickr, so this is the preview basically, I’ll try to get them up this week.


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