Outrage Beyond

Checked out the sequel to Outrage (a Japanese yakuza film from 2010) last night at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Outrage Beyond

Outrage Beyond

I hadn’t heard of the film(s) prior to this week, but we got tickets to see the sequel so thought we better watch the original first. The original was full of violence, blood and gore, Japanese culture and gangsters, the sequel seemed to be a bit toned down for whatever reason. The star of the show is Beat Takeshi as Otomo, the old school yakuza who at first seems intent on life as an ordinary citizen before finally returning to his old ways to get his vengeance. I looked up his wiki page after seeing the movie and was quite surprised to find out that this is the one and only Takeshi from Takeshi’s Castle, the famous Japanese game show, nothing to do with the movie but an interesting tidbit. The movie was good, not quite as good as the original (for me because there was less violence :D) which featured so many no-nonsense killings and graphic violence it was a gangster-film lovers delight. This one though, featured more dialogue and just as much double-dealing between the police and the numerous rival gangs and families, a lot of murders but not the same amount of intense violence (the exception being Kimura and his finger snacking). The baseball death of Ishihara was a good one, but otherwise, most everyone else died of plain gunshots, and a little too easily with not much subtlety, like the powerful yakuza just wander around with no protection even though they are being targeted. Still, a good one to watch, and here’s hoping that Takeshi goes on to complete the trilogy and makes a third capper for this very fun to watch yakuza story.

Picture taken from wikipedia.


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