The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The latest film by Ben Stiller, this one is a little different from his usual comedies, it’s more of a light-hearted drama but has its moments. Walter works in the negatives department for Life magazine (fictional equivalent of Time I guess), he has a lot of day dreams which cause him to completely lose focus of what is happening, the cause is due to his father dying when he was a teenager meaning he had to work and make money to support the family rather than go on a youthful adventure through Europe.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

So the plot is that the magazine is going completely digital and they are releasing one final physical copy and the negative reel has been sent to Walter, but the cover shot is missing from the reel. So Walter has to find the negative of get fired, thus begins the adventure, can Walter overcome his finally break out of his shell and go on the adventure of his life to find the lost negative? The film includes some nice scenes in Greenland and Iceland from a comedic standpoint, and slowly, as Walter makes hi way around the world, his day dreams start becoming reality.

As I said, it’s a pretty light-hearted film, I don’t think it takes itself to seriously, and it’s good for a laugh or two with some nice scenery from Iceland and some mountainous (real or fake) place added in. It’s no Dodgeball but something interesting and a bit different from Ben Stiller’s usual stuff. Has anyone seen Anchorman 2? Is it good or a massive letdown? Picture taken from wikipedia. Yeah, so my movie reviews are getting pretty lame, shows how much attention I’m paying I guess.


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