Lakes Entrance

It seems like I start every post with how lazy I’ve been in not posting anything, any way, spent Valentines Day weekend in Lakes Entrance hoping for some sun and surf. Well, we didn’t really get any of that, there was a bit of sun on the Saturday morning, but fog on Friday, and smoke haze the rest of the time made the trip a bit disappointing. With em’s big pregnant belly we weren’t able to do any significant walks, mostly just along the beach and along the esplanade. So while I was hoping to get a bunch of starry night shots the weather decided that I had to settle for a bunch of random photos and work on my portrait photography. Oh well, maybe another time we can head back and the weather will be nicer, or go somewhere else, I’m desperate to go somewhere and take some landscape photos.
We did at least eat well, and I can whole-heartedly recommend the places that we ate at:
  • In Bairnsdale, we stopped for lunch and ate at the Wooden Squirrel, I had a very nice lamb and rosemary burger.
  • Had a dinner at the Boathouse Restaurant at the Bellevue Hotel, some nice fish, etc.
  • We had lunch in Metung the next day at Bancroft Bites, I had a steak sandwich, dare I say the best I’ve ever had (I don’t normally like steak sandwiches, but this one was a good one). Em had some coconut crumbed prawns, very nice.
  • Finally, we had fish and chips at Footbridge Fish and Chips on Myer Street in Lakes Entrance, good fish (blue grenadier), fresh, real fresh, it seems, and a lot of chips for what you pay, definitely the fish and chips for two was a big meal, we went there twice we were so happy with it.

Well, any way, that’s pretty much it, not sure when I will post next, or what, maybe just some random thing with some photos, White Night maybe.

  • Parrot at the Goat and Goose
    Parrot at the Goat and Goose
  • Pier at Metung
    Pier at Metung
  • Lakes Entrance
    Lakes Entrance
  • Lakes Entrance
    Lakes Entrance


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