Russell Peters: Almost Famous 2015

Haven’t been to the comedy festival in a few years, and somehow found out that the one and only Russell Peters was coming to Melbourne for one show only. We just had to snag some seats and catch the show.

Russell Peters: Almost Famous

Russell Peters: Almost Famous

To be honest, I haven’t actually seen that much of his comedy, just that one show about ten years ago where he pulled all the racist stuff, and I’ve been a fan ever since even though I don’t actually go out of my way to find any of his stuff. Which I think I might go and find some merchandise right now. The show is definitely plenty racist and if you’re sitting down the front you better have your wits about you, especially if you stand out in any way (or if you’re of some kind of race), cos he’s going to have a go. He did the classic Indian stuff, and even threw in a bit of the Chinese guy, everyone was waiting for that. A bunch of sex jokes, and some technology related stuff, but mostly the growing up Indian stuff, not just Indian, growing up as a youngster going through all that stuff that everyone goes through.

There were definitely a couple of parts that had me gasping for air, and thinking about puking cos I was laughing so hard. I think he was on for about an hour and a bit, he talked to the audience a lot, but did have some prepared material I’m sure. The support act Gregg Rogell was okay, nothing special, he had a couple of good jokes but I wouldn’t pay to see him. Two thumbs up!


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