Avengers: Age of Ultron

We watched this almost two weeks ago now, so I’ve probably forgotten most of the cheesy stuff that happens, but since pretty much everything is cheesy, I still remember the main parts of the film. If you can believe it this was the first film we’ve watched at the cinema for over a year, I can’t even remember the last film we watched at the cinema, it’s been that long. But anyway, the whole gang is in this one, plus a couple of new characters that will no doubt make future appearances in other spin-offs (The Vision, Scarlet Witch, obviously not her brother). This is another one of those lame reviews where I’m not going to talk about anything in particular except to say that it follows the same basic formula that they all seem to, heroes start out on fire, things then turn bad for them because they did something wrong (or were framed, or were stupid, or just destroyed too many cities), they go and do some serious thinking, and then BAM!! They come back with a vengeance and save everyone’s sorry behinds.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron

So once we get past the generic superhero story, what do we have? Big explosions, robots, special enhanced powers, androids, and even ordinary humans with extraordinary skills. A couple things to get off my chest, why does Ultron not just put himself in Dropbox or something so that he can easily restore himself if he gets destroyed? He puts all his eggs in the Vision basket and then it backfires because he didn’t have enough lackeys looking after the body. He could’ve easily just left one robot in hiding somewhere but no, he had to take them all with him to their deaths. How does the Scarlet Witch’s mind control powers go from having to be right next to the person at the beginning to being able to take over a city full of people by the end? Did she do some serious gravity x 100 training or something (did anyone else notice her clothes became more revealing as the movie drifted along as well?)?

Well as far as action movies go, it’s got it all, corny one liners, explosions, robots (I believe I’ve mentioned this before), flying, guns, archery, muscles, traffic accidents, even a hint of romance (Hulk and Black Widow? Really?), and now it’s all set up for whatever the next feature will be with a special appearance by Thanos and his Gauntlet during the mid-credits scene. One final note, when the super Ironman suit was trying to contain the out-of-his-mind Hulk, this totally reminded me of my sometimes cranky baby boy, he cannot, and will not be tamed!


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