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Saigon sunset

Saigon sunset

Wow, have I been neglecting this place, it’s been a busy couple months, we got back from holidays (I contracted dengue fever ewww), then we moved house, and now we’re settling in. So the only progress that I’ve made on anything is upgrading my heroes on clash of clans lol. I haven’t even looked through my photos from the trip yet, which is usually the first thing I do when I get home.

I’m still setting up my workstation a bit, this will happen soon, we’re almost fully settled in our nest. Once that’s done, I can resume posting here with photos from the trip as well as photos from my new place. Hey, I turned 34, things go more slowly the older you get, or we just procrastinate more. I’ll leave it at for now, and hopefully come back with some better organised content in the near future.


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