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Laksa King: Glen Waverley

This is actually something like take five, we’ve been to Laksa King several times already, I’ve just been really lazy or forgotten to take pictures each time. It’s kind of a convenient, reliable source of tasty food, so you know where this review is going.

Laksa King: Chicken Curry Laksa

Laksa King: Chicken Curry Laksa

We’ve tried quite a few different dishes but I’ve only got a couple pictures here, maybe the food just makes me want to eat and forget to take pics. That’s a good thing, but I did make sure to include a picture of curry laksa as that is what they’re famous for.

Curry Laksa

Emmy has ordered the seafood curry laksa and I’ve had the chicken (a few times), I’m too stingy to get the seafood but am always happy to indulge myself in a curry laksa. It’s a big serve and the there’s plenty of meat if that’s your thing. The curry broth (?) is yummy but not too spicy, it has a nice texture, not too thick, and not too watery. I haven’t been to the original in Kensington so I can’t compare, but I can’t fault this one either.

Char Kuay Teow

Laksa King: Fried Kuay Teow

Laksa King: Fried Kuay Teow

This is another signature Malaysian dish, maybe my favourite, it’s fried rice noodle with meat and vegetables, usually a bit spicy (aren’t they all?), and generally comes with seafood or meat options. This one was looking a little brown, it didn’t come with many vegetables so I’d rate it a bit lower.

We’ve also tried the five spice deep fried chicken and rice, and bakuteh (something like that). The chicken is a winner, plenty of yummy, crispy meat in that one, just the right spiciness and taste. The bakuteh which is some kind of herbal meat soup, has good flavour but is just so meaty that it kind of turns you off after a few bites. We also probably tried the fried rice (or nasi goreng) which I can’t remember, so maybe that speaks for itself.

There are other things on the menu that are probably worth a try, just look around and see what other people are ordering, you might see something you like if the menu has too many options.


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