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Pork Pancake: Suga

Pork Pancake: Suga

We had lunch at Suga on Saturday, this is our closest Korean restaurant that we know is definitely pretty good (apart from Caveman 1961 I guess) just down the road in Chadstone. It’s our second time eating there (we also got take away a couple times I think) and it’s always a bit too much haha. I thought that I did a blog about this one already but I couldn’t find anything so I guess this is it. They pretty much do all the regular Korean offerings which can make it a bit daunting because unless you’re craving something in particular, there’s so much to choose from, I do believe that tofu is their specialty.

Knowing that, we didn’t order any tofu haha, we went with a pork pancake (can’t remember what it was called) which was a bit like okonomiyaki (with the mayo), a half fried chicken (original), and a spicy beef stew. The pancake was pretty good, I think we ordered the seafood pancake last time, this thing is really big and filling so don’t be put off by the price and don’t be surprised by how full you are after one slice. While I didn’t notice it being spicy at all, the menu says it has chilli paste in it so be wary if you have little ones.

KFC: Suga

KFC: Suga

Next up we got some KFC to make sure that Oscar had something to eat, we got half a chicken because we had other stuff to eat too. This is not on par with the other KFC places that we’ve been to though, the original flavour comes with a small salad and some mayo dressing. The dressing would be good if there was more of it but it really only covers the salad so doesn’t seem like a sauce for the chicken. The chicken pieces are a reasonable size and crunchy enough but apart from the flavour of the skin, the meat is quite dry and lacking (as you would expect from chicken). If ordering the chicken here I would definitely recommend getting one of the flavoured varieties.

Spicy Beef Stew: Suga

Spicy Beef Stew: Suga

Finally, we had a spicy beef stew, we were already both pretty full by this point, and even though the stew is spicy it wasn’t enough to melt all the food in our tummies already. This one I’m not such a fan of, the spicy tofu stew with silken tofu is definitely my preferred Korean soup (and we’ve had it at Suga before and it was really good), this was a bit bland for me, I’m not sure if it had any tofu in it, the menu didn’t say so but I thought I tasted some, but any way it wasn’t as good as the regular spicy tofu stew XD.

For two and a half of us, I reckon just two of the mains (with rice) would have been enough, we were super full and we didn’t finish the soup. So a couple of (kinda) misses today but there are plenty of other options at Suga to try, live and learn, until next time.


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Mrs. Kim’s Grill

Mrs. Kim's Grill: Subconscious barbecue training

Subconscious barbecue training

Well, would you look at that, another post within two days after nothing for two months, something must be going on! Well, I guess we actually got out to eat a couple times which is something but I guess I’ll reveal a bit more at the end. To celebrate the end of the Easter long weekend and also some successful painting projects at home (the house transformation is well on it’s way) we had dinner at Mrs. Kim’s Grill in Carnegie to reward Emmy for her hard work :D.

So after a swim at Monash University we earned some grilled meat, Korean style! I’m not sure if this is the best Korean barbecue in town (we haven’t been to that many) but it’s certainly our favourite from the few that we have tried. We got the Mrs. Kim’s Selection Set for two which (maybe) came with a kid’s item, rice with nori (which just happens to be one of Oscar’s favourites).

Since it is quite dark inside and I only had my phone I don’t have any pictures of the food really, but you get five different marinated meats to grill, plus a couple of salads, and a soup. On top of the regular little sides of kimchi and pickled onions. They used iceberg lettuce which is always a bit sad but we made do, the meat is the hero here and the salad doesn’t make or break the dish (although it’d be better if they used cos lettuce or something). Also, they grill the meat for you, and you get to go home smelling like barbecue, best to clean yourself up before going to bed lest you want to dream about more Korean BBQ.

It’s pretty hard to choose between the beef, and the two pork belly marinades (chilli or garlic) as to which was the best meat but all up with 750g of meat total, we were all very satisfied, there can be no argument about that. I’m sure we’ll be back when Emmy gets a craving for meat again (that’s her steak) and hopefully we’ll be grinning afterwards as well.

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