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Someone posted a picture of mine!

I just got another request for use of one of my pictures from flickr which reminded me that I had a previous request a few months ago, so I had a bit of a google to see what ever happened with that. I did manage to find the site and picture with credit to me as requested, I don’t know if I got any extra hits but it’s cool to have the old dtra name out there. Anyway, it is just this picture of a rhesus monkey and its baby that I took in KL at the Batu Caves, which can also be found at flickr rhesus monkey hugs, now if only I can work out how to start charging these people for using my picture(s) :D. Anyway, this other request is from Friends of the Earth, some environmental charity and they want to use my most viewed flickr picture, the HDR shot of the clouds at Gunting Lagadan near the peak of Mount Kinabalu. I’ll post again when I see this one posted (if I can remember).


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