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Long Time No Post

Well, it has been a while hasn’t it, I guess I’ve been pretty busy lately, what with a crying (and now quite talkative) baby and all. I suppose we haven’t been going out much and I haven’t been doing a lot other than changing nappies and washing baby clothes which hasn’t left much time for any adventures (apart from the one we’re on). Thanks to Emmy for posting some nice recipes lately to keep the site afloat, I may end up re-posting some old stuff from the original Spider Lair just to get some more content on here.

Celebration Time

Celebration Time

A lot of things have happened that weren’t directly related to me, but that did affect me in some way, like, the Spurs winning the NBA championship again, yay!! This screenshot was only taken during the Portland second round series but I think it says everything, I mean Walter White is supporting the Spurs, how could they lose? And now they’ve re-signed everyone (except Baynes currently) and are ready for another crack at back to back titles for the first time, let’s hope everything goes well for 2015.

There was the World Cup which ended the way that most people thought it would (I think, I’m not that much into soccer), I was going for Argentina but too bad they couldn’t pull it off. And now most of Australia goes back to not caring about soccer and moves back to AFL, although I haven’t been paying much attention and well, Melbourne is still pretty crap, so not much to care about really.

I haven’t been on a proper holiday since Europe last September and am really itching to get away somewhere, right now I’m just combing ozbargain checking out all of the discounted airfares that pop up and the destinations hoping that something will fit into our price range and time frame, I’m sure it would be quite a bit more difficult travelling with such a little one, but even he would like to get away I’m sure :D. Right now, I’m thinking New Zealand, Japan, or USA, but it’s going to take some very discounted fares to get the job done, especially considering the extra baggage and logistics of getting around with Oscar the Monster :D.

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International League Pass (NBA TV) = lame

So I’ve been waiting till the end of the season to get League Pass cos that’s when the Spurs play a lot of games and I was thinking of getting the playoff package too and finally got around to logging into the international league pass site (or as it is now known). Little did I know that the package structure had changed, the last time I got ILP it was possible to get on a monthly option (you still had to manually opt out by sending an email to customer service, no way to do it in your account yourself) to see all games, the only option that I could see that seemed remotely close to that was the regular season and playoffs package.

San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs

But the wording is a bit confusing (if you are like me and remember having a monthly option any way), you can pay for the regular season and the playoffs either in one lump sum or four easy installments. I thought that might have been the one but it still didn’t seem right, considering it said four installments and the fact that there is only one month left in the season. So I checked out the Customer Service FAQ page, and apparently there is no option to pay even a pro-rated amount to just get the rest of the regular season. I didn’t even think that the monthly option was that great, I always thought that the model should have a pay-per-view option, or even pay for a specific day rather an having to commit for a whole month, but the NBA in all their wisdom went the other way and force you to subscribe to the whole season. Especially during this shortened, fatigue-riddled season of low quality basketball every second night, they force you to pay for a whole season that never was! Any way, I’m not paying for eight months worth of viewing that only lasts me for one month, I only want to watch the interesting part, the end of the season. Lame, Stern, lame, you need to quit and let someone else do a better job.

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