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Great Ocean Road

Hey, it’s not the first time I’ve ever been on the Great Ocean Road, I mean I’ve lived in Melbourne for over thirty years, that’d be crazy, but this time I actually went down to see the Twelve Apostles as well (that was a first). Unfortunately I was the one driving so I couldn’t really enjoy the scenery as much winding along the beautiful coastal road. From Melbourne we stopped in Lorne for a break, and Apollo Bay for lunch (word of advice, don’t bother going to La Bimba, let’s just call them Lord of the Flies) before reaching our destination of Port Campbell National Park to see the Twelve Apostles, which is just a name, they’re actually just big limestone stacks in the sea, not the apostles of Jesus Christ, also, there aren’t twelve of them.

Twelve Apostles with a chopper

Twelve Apostles with a chopper

It’s a lot of driving in one day, I would definitely say too much for one day, take a night at least cos there’s plenty to see down there and if you don’t want to see anything, just go and relax on the beach, it’s nice. Leaving at about 8.30am we didn’t arrive at the national park until about 3.30pm (that’s including lunch of course but still), and then we only spent an hour or two there, I would have preferred to see the stacks at sunset, sunrise, or any time in between as the light would have been a lot less harsh and much more conducive to some artsy photography (cos that’s what I do).

It was actually a really nice day, very sunny but not too hot (I did manage to get sun burnt a little), stupidly none of us remembered to take sunscreen so let that be a lesson to you. Yeah, I was very impressed by the scenery, and will go back one day but definitely staying overnight so that I can pay a visit at a time more conducive (I can’t believe I used that word twice in one post!) to clearer photos and less tourists, more towards twilight and after sunset and before sunrise for those sweet long exposures.

The other thing is, we didn’t even visit London Bridge or Loch Ard Gorge so there’s plenty more for me to see definitely and to photograph, next time I’ll go on my own terms :D. We took the inland road back to Melbourne which only took about 3.5 hours and with pretty much no traffic is probably the way to go (to avoid the stress of traffic jams), but there are a lot of lookout points on the road, so if driving towards sunset, it might be worth it. I took my big tripod and didn’t even use it, so I reckon that’s going to get some heavy use next time. I’ve got another post lined up for next week or whenever I’m bored next but after that I don’t know, haven’t seen Anchorman 2 yet, would like to, will have to see if I can make it.

  • Two Apostles on the beach
    Two Apostles on the beach
  • Twelve Apostles, again
    Twelve Apostles, again
  • The Main Attraction, Twelve Apostles
    The Main Attraction, Twelve Apostles

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Mornington Peninsula Photos

Hey, another post inside of two weeks, unbelievable right? Well, I was really hoping to post something last week but in the end it wasn’t to be, as the Spurs went down in seven games to the stupid Heat. And then we lost our semi-final this past Sunday having gone an undefeated 14-0 during the regular season, which was disappointing enough, but I had to be doubly disappointed with my own effort, as I was pretty much a complete non-factor which is going to sting me until we get back playing again in a couple weeks, and certainly it’s going to smart until we get back to the finals with a chance to right these wrongs. Any way, back to the point of this post, these photos were taken in the past month or so, the first two taken in mid-May down at Point Nepean National Park right near the tip of the peninsula, and the last three just this past weekend down at Cape Schanck again.

I really like the Cape Schanck Lighthouse area, and I definitely think that there is more to explore, I only had a brief look around Pebble Beach, but taking that peak, I reckon that there is certainly more to see with a bit more time to wander around. So I’ll probably head back down there later in the year with my tripod at the ready to snag some interesting shots, the sea scape is great with a big blue sky and the blue sea. The orange clay (?) of the rock on the edge is very vivid and provides a great contrast to the blue everywhere else. The waves crashing on to the rocks and the lighthouse are also some great subjects to pose around, I’m hpoing to wander around the corner down there and see something really great and photogenic, let’s hope so for next time. The food down that way is also a treat, all around a great part of Victoria I say, and reasonably close too.

  • Point Nepean National Park
    Point Nepean National Park
  • Point Nepean National Park
    Point Nepean National Park
  • Cape Schanck Peninsula
    Cape Schanck Peninsula
  • Pebble Beach, Cape Schanck
    Pebble Beach, Cape Schanck
  • Fishing, Cape Schanck Peninsula
    Fishing, Cape Schanck Peninsula

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Cape Schanck – Bushrangers Bay

On a warm (hot) day in March, so a couple weeks ago during the heat wave, we headed down to Cape Schanck for a bit of a walk and wander around the beach. We parked at the Cape Schanck Lighthouse car park, and headed for Bushrangers Bay along the Bushrangers Bay walking track.

  • One Tree Hill
    One Tree Hill
  • Bushrangers Bay
    Bushrangers Bay
  • Bushrangers Bay
    Bushrangers Bay
  • Cloud on the trail
    Cloud on the trail
  • Cape Schanck Lighthouse
    Cape Schanck Lighthouse

It’s only a 40 minute walk (or so) so it’s not especially difficult, the only issue is the heat as there is no shade at the beginning of the walk, after about 10-20 minutes there is a shaded section with trees on both sides of the trail which was a very welcome relief. For some reason we decided not to take our swimmers (and we left our sunscreen in the car thinking that we wouldn’t be down there for long) so we were pretty much just looking for a shady spot on the beach, of which there really aren’t any. We had a lunch which was pretty much crackers with cheese and salami (yum!), and then decided to go for a wander down the beach.

The water is beautifully cool which was great for getting our feet wet (apparently it’s not a good swimming beach, a bit dangerous) but we didn’t have our swimmers any way (surprisingly it wasn’t very windy), if you look at the pictures (the one with the red tent), the big rock on the right hand side, just past there is an arch that has crashing water, a rock pool, and the big rock is scaleable as well, actually third picture is taken from the top of the big rock, and the arch is to the left. Parts of the rock are super hot as they don’t get wet at all, so for that reason, as well as the fact that the rock and sand and plants under foot are quite abrasive, I would recommend wearing shoes, or at least thongs (unlike silly me who went with bare feet, and was in agony the whole time I was up there!). This is part of a national park, and the place is really quite pristine, we definitely want to head down there again with a bit more preparedness though, the lighthouse is very picturesque, unfortunately the sunset wasn’t particularly dramatic so I didn’t end up with anything that I am particularly happy about. We’ll go again though. We had dinner at the Flinders Hotel (in Flinders) at the Deck (which is a pub), it was pretty good, but we were quite rushed due to me wanting to rush back for the sunset after dinner.

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