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Photo post from Easter weekend and last weekend

Not much to this post, over Easter went down to Port Melbourne for a quick wander, didn’t get to stay until after the sun set so no pier at night long exposure shots. Had a Mr. Whippy iced cream which is not as good as a Mcdonalds cone, I’m going to have to be honest there. Then last weekend we went down to the Mornington Peninsula National Park for a little walk, then down to Somers for a look around. These are the pictures that made the dtraCorp cut. Here’s a question, why don’t any sites/blogs/CMS’ provide animated gif thumbnails? The last picture I uploaded here is actually an animated gif but the thumbnail doesn’t show it. It’s not difficult, in fact, I implemented on my old site, and the classes are available on, do a search cos I can’t remember what the class was called.

  • Big boats at Port Melbourne
    Big boats at Port Melbourne
  • Port Melbourne evening
    Port Melbourne evening
  • Flying dtra
    Flying dtra
  • Flying Dancing dtra
    Flying Dancing dtra


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