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November Holiday Time: Japan

Hi again, I stopped procrastinating and decided to post this otherwise it would be another two weeks at least before anything went up, so yes, we are visiting Japan again for our annual-ish holiday. This time, we are re-visiting a bunch of places from our first visit but at a slightly later time of year, hoping for that koyo (Autumn colours).

Sleeping caterpillars

Sleeping caterpillars

We’ll be stopping at Hiroshima (just for a very brief one night stopover), then Kyoto, Kawaguchi-ko, and finally Tokyo. I already sort of regret going to Hiroshima as it just doesn’t seem long enough to see Miyajima, Shukkeien Garden, and the peace memorial, among other things, but we booked the accommodation already so no going back. We’ll be doing some different things in Kyoto and Tokyo this time, less temples and more just taking in the culture, hopefully seeing Himeji which we missed last time due to renovations.

Emmy will be celebrating her birthday over there so hopefully it will be one that she can remember for a long, long time, if not, then I’ll probably be in hiding for a while. This time I will definitely be posting more content (not hard since I barely posted anything last time we did this trip) as I could barely find any references for this trip from my previous post. We’re also taking our parents, so this could very well be the greatest disaster ever known to man, wish us well!

You may wonder what the picture has to do with this trip, well, this is some kind of fern (in our garden, native I’m guessing), I think it has a very zen feel to it and is very Japanese in its simplicity and shape. But really, I took this picture a couple months ago and never bothered to upload it, so now that I have a chance, there it is ;).

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Switzerland: Below the Alps

Jebus, finally posting this, am I lazy or what? You’ve probably been waiting and waiting and thought, he’s never going to post the Switzerland stuff, and then BOOM! I post it, but you’ve already unsubscribed from this amazing blog. Any way, we’re approaching xmas and I am seriously still hoping to get all these posts up before then. Because Switzerland was so good, I’m going to split it into two, well, mainly cos there are too many pictures from the Alps to post. So I’ll be talking about, Zurich, Lucerne, and Geneva (even though we visited that place after we climbed the Alps). I mean, really, there’s not much to tell about these three cities from our point of view, we only spent one night in each place and half a day in each place.

The first thing I’m going to say is that Switzerland is bloody expensive, if you don’t know anyone there (and they better be thrifty), good luck finding a cheap eat that isn’t a kebab or something similar. Secondly, a lot of Swiss people smoke, or at least, a lot of people in Switzerland smoke, which I found very surprising considering that they’re very outdoor-sy, and the natural beauty of the country (I thought that people would be into clean living lol). All three cities are based around lakes, beautiful settings with beautifully laid out buildings and architecture. There isn’t a lot to see in town, wander around the lakes and shops, and the olde towns and that’s about it, they’re all pretty close to some great natural scenery though. That’s it, next up, the Alps, I promise to get that one up in a more prompt fashion.

  • Grossm√ľnster
  • Lucerne foot bridge
    Lucerne foot bridge
  • Jet d'Eau, Geneva
    Jet d'Eau, Geneva

Transport and Accommodation
We stayed in places in Lucerne and Zurich, both really nice and clean, and short distances from the town centres, we were going to stay at the YHA hostel in Geneva, but decided to stay at a hotel, the Admiral Hotel which is only a couple blocks from the Geneva train station, and a couple blocks the other way from Lake Geneva, a pretty good location, and it was relatively cheap compared to the other places in the area. It was small, but comfortable enough, although we could hear doors slamming outside, there was also a breakfast buffet provided with a reasonable spread.

In terms of transport we got around using the Swiss Half Fare card and regular train service, as well as trams within Zurich, and buses in Lucerne (although we could have just walked). In Geneva we really too tired to bother doing anything other than walking by the lake a bit.

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