Damn DA21! Why? Why?

It seems my beloved DA21 has failed me once again, after getting it repaired to fix an issue with focusing close to and at infinity, only a couple hundred snaps later and it seems the issue has reared it’s ugly head again. This time unfortunately, I don’t have the recourse to take it to the shop for repair, as I am away in a faraway land and would not have time to get it done during this holiday period. I also have not forgotten that the lens repair is still under warranty so I will be taking it straight back to the shop to get it sorted out (hopefully properly this time). This is a terrible stroke of luck as it is my main landscape lens and while travelling to faraway places, landscape photography is what I really look forward to. Here in Icy Land, I’m hoping for some northern lights action and any other wild Winter volcanic landscapes that exist on this crazy island. That means that my widest lens is the FA43, the 43 denoting 43mm, which means that the lens is not that wide at all, it is a beautiful lens, but really is only useful for massive landscapes and massive panoramas, it doesn’t give me the width to take in a regular landscape or even a bit of architecture. I guess I’m just going to have to be super-creative (which is a struggle for me) and hope for the best, maybe this is a good thing, maybe I will be able to find my inner-Picasso and snap some really creative/artsy shots. Oh poor DA21, my most used travel lens, needs to be fixed properly. It’s so freaking cold here, it’s going to take all of my will power just to get out and take photos, especially now that my wide lens is done and dusted anyway.

Original working but stolen DA21

Original working but stolen DA21


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