Healesville Sanctuary

Sheesh, I was meant to post this quite a while ago since we went there over a month ago, but any way, better late than never. I’m not a really a zoo guy, don’t really like zoos with the animals in cages and enclosures, but I guess they’re actually more free to roam around at Healesville. Although the poor snakes (the super poisonous ones) are still kept in glass enclosures. We saw most of the displays but cos we were late getting out of the house (when are we not?) we missed out on the reptile enclosure which sucks cos I do really like lizards. The Rock Wallabies were very cute sitting on the rocks and being all cute and fat. The wombats were sleeping under some rocks so not particularly interesting, the platypuses were swimming about in their little enclosure, they must not be very active during the day because their enclosure is in fake night time, actually there was a whole fake night time section where little rodents and stuff were running around. The bird show was second rate (according to Em) compared to the Singapore Zoo, but it was kind of interesting nonetheless. So here are some pictures from our outing.

  • Rock Wallabies
    Rock Wallabies
  • Big Brolga
    Big Brolga
  • Koala


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