King Kong

Hey, again, it’s been a while since my last post, these things seem to be getting more and more infrequent, but any way, we went to see King Kong (the musical) last week, the final night of the preview performances. Having not been to a musical or play pretty much ever, I was going in with completely no expectations or preconceptions (other than there would be a lot of singing and dancing).

King Kong (the musical)

King Kong (the musical)

I thought that everyone knew the story line for King Kong, but my lovely girlfriend apparently did not (but she has been to musicals before), I won’t go into it because I should think that anyone reading this blog would know the plot of King Kong. I’m going to talk about the actual performance and the theatre, first, the theatre. The show is on at the Regent Theatre on Collins St (which I’ve never been to but will be going back for a second time for a work function later this year), it’s pretty big I guess (not having any previous experience) and has a pretty big stage, we were sitting in row J, smack bang in the middle, so we had pretty good seats. For short people and kids it’s probably not the best because the gradient is quite shallow so if you have someone tall in front of you, it will be a problem (despite the seats not being aligned exactly).

After that, we have the performance, what I really liked about the show was the lighting and costumes (not counting King Kong of course), there were some pretty fancy light displays I thought, and combined with the costumes, it created some pretty spectacular viewing. The arrival at Skull Island and the natives especially were my favourite part. The giant King Kong puppet with the animatronic head was the absolute highlight of the show, without doubt (as you would expect), and is worth the price of admission by itself, his entry is long awaited, but once he shows up, he definitely does not disappoint.

I did enjoy the singing and dancing, perhaps the dancing more than the singing (that’s me though), as I can probably appreciate that a bit more, the big dance numbers were good but I (could just be me) kept having this feeling that something is going on in the background and I need to know what it is so that I’m not surprised when it happens. I think this probably meant that I couldn’t focus as well as I should have on the main action, hopefully that is something that I will learn from for my next show :D. Hey, overall, I definitely can’t say that I was disappointed or bored, the show was big, loud, and totally entertaining, King Kong is awesome!

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