Hong Kong for a night

We decided to book our flights so that we could stop over in Hong Kong, unfortunately, Cathay Pacific don’t want you to do this for just a few days so we had to settle for one night in HK. It was good to break up the travel I think, but personally, Hong Kong is a bit much, it’s just so busy and hectic that you just don’t want to do anything.

  • Hong Kong Skyline
    Hong Kong Skyline
  • Modern Art Museum
    Modern Art Museum
  • Modern Art Crab Sculpture
    Modern Art Crab Sculpture

There are probably places that you can go in Hong Kong where it’s not a million people moving at a million miles per hour all the time, but the centre of Hong Kong (Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui) certainly is not one of them. I managed to get down to the Avenue of the Stars to take some pictures of the Hong Kong skyline, they were okay, but not perfect because I didn’t have a tall tripod. We sort of just ate around Causeway Bay station not knowing anywhere good to go.

Transport and Accommodation

We used the MRT to get around short trips which is fast and convenient, and reasonably priced as well. We didn’t have much time so transport to and from the airport was just on the Airport Express which is a pretty good service. We stayed at the Mini Hotel in Causeway Bay, it’s a reasonably priced boutique hotel, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are not single or a couple, the rooms are not designed for privacy, the bathroom is really just a walled-off space on one side of the room. Quite nice though anyway.


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